BVLVNCE Self Apotheosis

BVLVNCE has released a heavy track dubbed “Self Apotheosis” about self reflection and taking care of yourself. This midtempo track allows you to soak everything in and truly appreciate yourself.

We all have tasks that we despise doing and procrastinate to get completed. Some times procrastinating them comes with consequences. BVLVNCE’s “Self Apotheosis” is all about taking responsibility in every aspect of your life. Once you’ve discovered yourself and what you’re capable of you can then realize your true talents and help others. “You can become your own God,” says BVLVNCE.

“Self Apotheosis” has vocals that are reminiscent of the 2000s pop punk. The enigmatic production builds up alongside the vocals. The production is a bit thin, but that allows the listener to truly embrace the all-encompassing sound design. Throwing elements up in the air and reeling them back in is what this heavy-hitting production is all about. Additionally, distorted guitars come prowling in during the verses.


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