Buku Concentrate Thrive Music

Ahead of his forthcoming EP Everything, Buku has focused his energy into a sinister trap single “Concentrate” on Thrive Music.

“Concentrate” puts the pedal to the metal, and Buku has fully embraced it through the track’s entirety. The synth melodies perfectly placed throughout grab your attention like a scared mother grabs her child. Buku begins the piece with a space-like arpeggio and ’80s-sounding atmosphere elements. A pumping bass quickly jumps into the mix and builds up with a pulsing percussion. The build up slowly filters in the bass elements that are about to dominate the frequency spectrum during the drop. The drop unleashes all tension that was built during the build-up. “Concentrate” is built strictly for head banging against the rail.

Buku will be headlining his Cruisin USA Tour this fall.

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