Sullivan King
Photo credit: Anthony Chuang

Sullivan King just simply doesn’t stop. His fiery original music with catastrophic remixes put this metal/dubstep hybrid musician at the forefront of bass music. With each and every track he releases, King continues to wow his fans. Now, he’s unleashed an epic remix of Bring Me The Horizon‘s “Throne.” Upon which the bass metal master sits.

Earlier this year, King dropped his filthy EP, Come One, Come All. The EP came with a slew of sonic surprises, including complextro, dubstep, and trap.

Moving away from his typical heavy dubstep sound, King introduces an extraordinarily hot trap sound. Building into the drop with high energy guitars, distorted frequencies, and an unforgiving percussive rhythm, King goes nuts on subtlety in the drop. The drop is built around a relentless sub bass that ravages the entire low-end. The last drop comes through with a hardstyle drop, an unexpected twist from King. Could this be the burgeoning of yet another genre for the metal/dubstep hybrid producer?

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