Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina‘s track “Drive” is a follow-up from their evolutionary 2019 album DEADTHEALBUM. The remix album, which is perfectly titled DEADTHEREMIXES, is a culmination of impressive remixes that sway between the lines of club anthems, moody synth pop, and new heights of excitement. The remixes are out now on Big Beat Records and Spinnin’ Records.

Swiss duo GODAMN let out a fierce bass house remix of the album’s “Drive” to really push the boundaries in this remix album. The original track’s synth pop sound is evident throughout, but GODAMN allow for their boundary-pushing sound to shine through and take hold. Punching percussion, the timeless vocal, and a ruthless bass house bass line sticks out like a sore thumb and places this the perfect dance floor anthem.

In addition to GODAMN’s remix, Alex Ross, Sunstars, FRND, Asketa & Natan Chaim, Heyz, Raven & Kreyn, SMACK, and Jordan Jay provided incredible remixes for this album. You can listen to the full remix album here.

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