BreakCode What Lies Beneath

Grounded in strong techno roots, BreakCode pulls the rug from beneath your feet to reveal “What Lies Beneath.” This grueling, bottomless, fierce track fires on all cylinders throughout the entire duration of the piece.

There’s such a structure and science that artists and musicians follow to produce their tracks. Artists often struggle breaking out of this structure to really captivate listeners and engage their true art and sound. BreakCode does just that with “What Lies Beneath” and he does it impeccably well. The elements that make up a techno favorite are all present throughout, but BreakCode ensures they rise up and slash the expected. The bountiful jungle of consistent dark energy omnipresent with echoic acid sounds bring this track up higher than many other artists.

The first drop unleashes with a sub bass pluck that pulses sharply alongside the smashing kick drum. After it wraps up, it builds into an even heavier drop the second time around with rotating acid synths. Prepare yourself as you dive into the dark and truly unveil what lies beneath.

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