Home Music Bonnie x Clyde share personal ‘While We Were Young’ EP

Bonnie x Clyde share personal ‘While We Were Young’ EP

Bonnie x Clyde share personal ‘While We Were Young’ EP

When artists inject personal stories into their music, it makes for a much more memorable experience. We feel more connected, appreciated, and trusted when musicians share their personal lives with us. Bonnie x Clyde‘s newest EP, While We Were Young, does just that. To tease the album, the duo shared the lead singles, “The Unknown” and “Do It All Over.” Both singles garnered massive support from Spotify and Apple Music.

While We Were Young is chock-full of sonic surprises, as to be expected from Bonnie x Clyde. The five-track EP features atmospheric ambiences, angelic vocals, trap-sounding instruments, and outer-worldly drops. As the diversity continues, Bonnie x Clyde take you into some live instrumentation with bass guitar and acoustic guitar. While We Were Young will certainly keep you young. Keep your eyes peeled for Bonnie x Clyde as they continue to ravage through 2018.

“We only have one life to live. You can’t let anything or anyone hold you back from what you love. You can’t forget to have fun no matter what age you are. Living out your passions and accomplishing your dreams isn’t always easy, but in the end it is always worth it.” – Bonnie x Clyde

Since their debut EP, The Wanted, the production duo has caught the attention of many with their personal pieces, intrinsic sound, and out-of-this-world live performances. “The Rosegang,” the name for the duo’s fans and followers, continues to flourish and grow exponentially across the world.

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