Blue Stahli The Devil Remixes

Blue Stahli‘s sophomore album, The Devil, rose from the depths of hell back in 2015. Now with 14 surefire heated remixes, The Devil will continue to haunt your soul with unprecedented darkness, depth, and heat on FiXT.

Bret is the sole member of the Blue Stahli project. He’s certainly no stranger to dark music, though. Bret has a background of fetish burlesque troupes, drag queen-fronted punk bands. Furthermore, he’s one of the touring members for the Celldweller live show. Klayton, the Celldweller mastermind, passes the producer role over to Bret. There’s simply no better mind for the project than Bret’s.

Featuring remixes from artists like Owl Vision, Indo, Thomas Vent, The Devil sizzles from the beginning all the way to the very end. The original album was chock-full of sounds like thrash and industrial metal to drum and bass to sultry EDM. The entire remix album is a total onslaught of bass, heat, and unforgiving barrage of multiple genres. Sink your teeth, if you dare, into this spicy remix package.

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