Bleu Clair

Burgeoning household house music name Bleu Clair has reconnected with Jakarta-bred Jargen for expressive single “Amani” on Insomniac Records.

Prior to this ravishing new collaboration, Bleu Clair and Jargen linked up on “Laughing Matter.” Their new sonic adventure on “Amani” spotlights the producers’ talents and versatilities within their genres. The simplicity is maintained throughout the duration of the track while it provides listeners with the vibe of a moody, late-night dance floor anthem.

Over the last few years, Bleu Clair has since released tracks like “Green Light,” “Hit List,” and “False God.”

Bleu Clair has risen to the challenge of becoming a stalwart in the house music space. He’s carved out a truly versatile sound that is built from the ground up to dominate dance floors and festivals around the globe. Other house music heavyweights like Tchami and Habstrakt have tapped Bleu Clair for official remixes. Moreover, he’s teamed up with artists like Martin Garrix, AC Slater, and Matroda for other high energy tunes.

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