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The immersive sound that blanke has effortlessly showcased over the last year stands tall amongst other artists. His collaborations with artists like Rezz, JayKode, and official remixes for artists like Madeon, Skrillex, and RL Grime surely put a stake in the ground for blanke. To top it all off, he’s beginning a United States tour. Prepare yourself with his two-track EP on Deadbeats, ALT. COLOUR // VOICE IN THE MACHINE.

The album’s title features tracks of the same name, “ALT. COLOUR” and “VOICE IN THE MACHINE.” The first track quickly builds anticipation and unleashes with an unforgiving drop. The swinging rhythm throws the listener for a loop, as it’s not expected in a sinister midtempo track.

“VOICE IN THE MACHINE” utilizes grungier synths, a heftier kick, and ear-shattering percussive elements. With the darker tone present throughout, “VOICE IN THE MACHINE” certainly speaks for itself.

This fiery EP is out now on Deadbeats.

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