As everything comes to a close for the decade and 2020 nears, Black Tiger Sex Machine drop their heavy track “Let’s Get It” on their own Kannibalen Records. They’ve teased the track in their sets during the Fall festival season, and now it’s available.

“Let’s Get It” highlights Black Tiger Sex Machine’s next step in their sonic evolution. It’s heavily inspired by cyberpunk and slaps you right in your face with the trap percussion and synths mixed with a myriad of dubstep elements. A sharp arpeggio with deep brass sounds pulverize the frequency spectrum alongside the rancid basses and percussion. This is undeniably Black Tiger Sex Machine, but it’s much more exciting with this fiery futuristic sound.

Black Tiger Sex Machine have released a slew of heavy-hitting tracks this year, including “Spiders,” “Everything,” and “Zombie.” “Let’s Get It” kicks off the beginning of the trio’s Futuristic Thriller tour. They’ve released a trailer with new footage for their Futuristic Thriller tour, which helps portray their vision of a post-apocalyptic world.

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