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6 audacious Beyoncé remixes you’ve probably never heard

6 audacious Beyoncé remixes you’ve probably never heard
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With the release of Beyoncé‘s seventh album, Renaissance, the queen is making a statement about the next phase of her sound. Chock-full of house music influences from producers like Skrillex, Pharrell Williams, Honey Dijon, and more, Renaissance breathes an entirely new perspective into Beyoncé–and dance music. Renaissance is a three-part album, with this most recent release being Act I.

To celebrate this new wave of commercial house music, we’ve compiled a list of the best remixes you most likely haven’t heard from Beyoncé over the years.

Drake released his dance-infused album Honestly, Nevermind earlier this year.

Beyoncé – 7/11 (DJ Mustard Remix)

DJ Mustard’s flip on “7/11” is an infectious trap take on the original. It’s flooded with snappy percussion, deep kicks, and rumbling basses that blaze on with a stark comparison amongst the sinister and sharp synths during the drop. DJ Mustard is an American producer and DJ who is recognized for his infectious originals and remixes.

Beyoncé – Yoncé Electric (Bodega Trap Remix)

This fiery trap remix of a Beyoncé track that is filled with attitude, character, and energy is the perfect club anthem. Pitched kicks and sharp percussion run rampant alongside a screaming synth. The second drop towards the end ups the ante by dropping in with a snappy percussive click. Bodega Trap’s remix of “Yoncé” is packed full of “ear candy” surprises from start to finish.

Beyoncé – Break My Soul (Mentol Remix)

Mentol’s take on “Break My Soul” breathes a warming summer anthem feel to it. While maintaining a similar energy and structure to the track, this remix keeps the spotlight on Beyoncé without allowing for deviations. Mentol keeps the energy flourishing throughout this entire track.

Beyoncé – Ghost (Flume Edit)

I personally love Flume’s sound and style. I didn’t know this edit existed and it fulfilled everything I expected from the “Never Be Like You” producer. This edit immediately gets started with a dark atmosphere, swaying percussion, and filtered vocals. As soon as Beyoncé’s vocals jump in, Flume transitions into a soothing pad that gets a slow, out of kilter drum loop. This probably my favorite track on this list.

Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (Sikdope Remix)

Dubstep DJ and producer Sikdope wraps up this list with Beyoncé’s classic high-energy “Drunk in Love.” Flooded with trap percussion and a ravaging drop, Sikdope knows exactly what path to take to maximize a sonic journey. The “Snakes” producer leverages an empowering mixture of sliced vocals, effects, and deep basses.

Beyoncé and Madonna – BREAK MY SOUL (The Queens Remix)

This remix of “BREAK MY SOUL” maintains a smooth energy throughout, but it speaks from a thumping and sharp bass. A strong, billowing four-on-the-floor complements Beyoncé’s explorative and expressive style.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour

Beyoncé kicked off her “Renaissance” tour in Stockholm, Sweden, with Brussels, Frankfurt, Nashville, and more following. The tour is expected to gross $2.1 billion, an amount that would shatter previous records.

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