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79 best hands up and hard dance songs ever released

79 best hands up and hard dance songs ever released
By Kellowzin - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=63948621

Hands up music (known to many as Eurodance) is one of the most underrated genres of music. Artists and groups Cascada, DJ Manian, Empyre One, DJ Gollum, Rob Mayth, Tune Up!, Basshunter, DJ THT, Tweekacore, Darren Styles, The Hitmen, and many more have transformed it into the genre it is today. Hands up songs like “Everytime We Touch,” “Ravers Fantasy,” and “All I Ever Wanted” will stand the test of time.

Hands up is a very niche genre and is much bigger over in Europe in countries like Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia. I originally got hooked on it when Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch” was released back in 2006 (check out my interview with Natalie Horler on When Life Hands You Lennons). Since then, I’ve gone on to really love the genre and become fully immersed in it. This is the type of music that I produce myself. It’s simple, yet complex. It’s cheesy, yet incredibly melodic. It’s fun and strictly meant for you to, well, put your hands up.

Join my Discord server to talk all things hands up, hard dance, and hardstyle. If you’re looking for the best hardstyle music that’s been released, officially or unofficially, check out this list of 105 hypnotic hardstyle tracks.

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I created a playlist on Spotify with the songs that are available there (bootlegs and unofficial remixes aren’t released on streaming platforms). Be sure to follow and listen to the playlist below. I’ll update it as I update this article.

Here are 79 of the best hands up and hard dance songs ever released; officially or unofficially; original or remix.

Table of Contents

Cascada – Everytime We Touch

Katy Perry – I Kissed a Girl (5iriu5 Remix)

Money-G – Release Me (Empyre One Remix)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside (Basslouder Remix)

Tune Up! – Ravers Fantasy

Dual Playaz – Every Day I See You (Justin Corza meets Greg Blast Remix)

Quickdrop – Party Monster

The Hitmen – Like I Love You

DHT – Listen to Your Heart (Rob Mayth Remix)

DJ Gollum & Shinzo – I Wanna Be A Hippie

DJ Sequenza – C U 2nite (Empyre One Remix)

Lazy G & Nicco – Kiss Me (DJ Gollum feat. DJ Cap Remix)

Loituma – Leva’s Polka (Basshunter Remix)

Cascada – Back For Good (Max R. Remix)

Dance Nation – Sunshine (The Hitmen Bootleg)

Bass-T – P.O.W.E.R (Tune Up! Remix)

Nick Austin – I.O.U. (Empyre One Remix)

Basshunter – All I Ever Wanted

Dua Lipa – Physical (5iriu5 Remix)

Avicii – Without You (The Hitmen Bootleg)

Power Runnerz – Wild (144 Bpm)

M.Y.C. – What Up! (DJ Manian Mix)

5iriu5 – Nocturnal Illumination

Tweekacore & Darren Styles – Partystarter

Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way (RainDropz! Remix)

Floorfilla – On & On (feat. P. Moody) [DJ THT Remix]

Lady Gaga – Monster (D3Y Remix)

Marc Korn vs. Trusted Playaz – Call Me (feat. Mel W.) [Empyre One Remix]

Justin Corza & Phillerz – Believe (Konstruktor & Jacq Remix)

Electro Driverz – Don’t You Worry Child (Basslouder Remix)

Phillerz & Shinzo – Origins

Giga Dance – Like an Angel 2k19 (Dancefloor Kingz vs. Sunvibez Remix)

NeoTune! – Mad Enough (DJ Cap Remix) [feat. Morano]

Quickdrop – Day After Day (Dancefloor Kingz & Sunvibez Remix)

A2B – Tell Me Where You Are (feat. Fara) [Empyre One Remix]

Overdrive Division – Midsummer Night (Alex Megane Remix)

Tomtrax – Mono 2 Stereo (Empyre One Remix)

Diva Chain – Call Me Maybe (Basslouder Remix)

Cascada – Miracle (The Hitmen Remix)

Base Attack – Techno Rocker (Rob Mayth Remix)

Liz Kay – When Love Becomes a Lie (Cascada Radio Edit)

The Hitmen – Energy Is You

Sunvibez & Max R – Music In Your Heart (Dancefloor Kingz vs. Sunvibez Bootleg Remix)

L.A.R.5 & Empyre One – Música del Sol (feat. Tommy Clint & Big Naimi) [Hands Up Mix]

Klubbingman – Revolution Reloaded 2k13 (Mix by RainDrop!) [feat. Beatrix Delgado]

Giga Dance & Shinzo – Run Away (Quickdrop & B0UNC3 Remix)

Peter Luts & Dominico – What A Feeling (The Hitmen Remix)

MG Traxx – Burn This City

Skiddaw – Saturday Night (Malu Project Radio Mix)

Dual Playaz – Sax & Bass & Crazy Beats (Justin Corza Meets Morty Simmons Remix Edit)

Special D. – Come With Me (Rob Mayth Remix)

Mikesh – Sounds of the Club (Upsynth Techno Trance Anthem Radio Cut)

MG Traxx – I Like

Italobrothers – Stamp On the Ground

DJ Gollum & Empyre One – Stars (DJ THT Radio Edit)

Gammer – Stay Tonight (feat. Dylan Matthew)

DJ Gollum – The Strike (Official East Rave Anthem 2019) [feat. DJ Cap] [DJ THT & Ced Tecknoboy Remix]

Empyre One – Angeline (Hands Up Remix Edition)

Max!m & Dancefloor Kingz – Strong (Dancefloor Kingz Vs. Sunvibez Remix)

Dyce – Tomorrow Can Wait (Cascada Extended Remix)


Dancefloor Kingz vs. Sunvibez – Back 2 You

Empyre One & DJ Gollum – Round & Round (Hands Up Mix)

Lacuna – Celebrate the Summer (Tune Up! Remix)

ItaloBrothers – P.O.D.

Cascada – How Do You Do (Rob Mayth Remix)

Dancefloor Kingz & Godlike Music Port – Hey Girl (Kris Mctwain Edit Remix)

Vinai x Harris & Ford – Break The Beat (Giga Dance Bootleg Edit)

Hardwell & Wildstylez – Shine A Light (feat. KiFi) [Denox Bootleg]

Rob Mayth – Feel My Love

DJ Gollum & Nick Skitz – Temperature (Hands Up Mix)

Alex M. & Alex Megane feat. The Ultimate MC – Whoomp (There It Is) (NewDance Edit)

Quickdrop – High up in the Sky

The Hitmen – How I Wish

Italobrothers – Up ‘N Away (DJ Gollum feat. DJ Cap)

Quickdrop – I Want Your Soul

Pulsedriver – Superstar (Empyre One Remix)

Hunter & Dragon – What Can I Say (Empyre One Remix)

DJ Gollum and Nick Skitz – Africa

Baracuda – I Leave the World Today (Special D. Remix)

There you have it. This is a list of some of the hands-up tracks that have formed my love for the genre and style of music. I will continue to update this list as I discover new hands up music. If you have a song that should be included in this list, leave a comment or tweet us at @edminasoda.

Join my Discord server to talk all things hands up, hard dance, and hardstyle. If you’re looking for the best hardstyle music that’s been released, officially or unofficially, check out this list of 105 hypnotic hardstyle tracks.



  1. Funny selection you made..
    First of all there are a lot of tracks in the list that are great like: Like I Love you, Miracle, Ravers Fantasy, but you include so many Empyre One tracks, but you miss stuff like:
    C U 2nite (Empyre One Remix)
    I.O.U. (Empyre One Remix)
    Call Me (Empyre One Remix)
    Tell me Where you Are (Empyre One Remix)

    You also chose for some Hitmen tracks but not “The energy is you”
    You chose for Money G – Release Me, but not MG Traxx – Burn this City or MG Traxx – I Like

    And you are missing some classics like:
    – Base Attack – Technorocker (Rob Mayth Remix)
    – Special D – Come With Me (Rob Mayth Remix)
    – Lacuna – Celebrate the Summer (Cascada remix)
    – Baracuda – I leave the world today (Special D Remix)
    – Rob Mayth – Feel My Love (Club Mix)

    But hey cheers, it is your list of course 🙂

  2. All great tracks. I am a HUGE Empyre One fan. The reason I left out a lot of those tracks is because I didn’t want the list to be one long list of Empyre One tracks. Haha. There are a few in here that I haven’t heard, so I’m going to check those out. “I Leave The World Today” is one.


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