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BadKlaat & Kompany prepare their battle weapons in ‘Purge’

BadKlaat Kompany Purge Never Say Die Black Label

BadKlaat and Kompany‘s “Purge” collaboration finally sees a release on Never Say Die Records’ Black Label. This long-awaited collaboration has been dropped in sets as an unknown ID and has caught the attention of many. The track fires on all cylinders right from the start.

The beginning leaves the listener with a suspenseful attitude before it unleashes into complete anarchy. The drumstep drop is one that fans can expect from BadKlaat and Kompany, as it spotlights their signature sound. Stabbing mid-basses and synths stomp their way through, while a mysterious reversed piano aides in the fiery build into each transition. The drops are both similar, which means that listeners can regather themselves before a chaotic second drop makes its way through.

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