Back2Black Kage So Dope

Milan-based producer Back2Black has continually shelled out heavy house tracks that gravitate towards the darker side. His previous releases on Confession, Sans Merci, and noir sur blanc have quickly captivated listeners’ attention. He’s now teamed up with up-and-coming producer Kage for “So Dope.”

“So Dope” immediately ramps up the energy. Back2Black and Kage don’t take much time creating a dark atmosphere that quickly captivates your attention. The pulsing bass effortlessly floats below the kick, succumbing to a low-end onslaught. Back2Black and Kage continue the eerie bass synths and grunge throughout, placing the cherry on top for this being the perfect club anthem. Furthermore, the pitched off-beat vocal chop continues through the drops and aides in the groove. Get your dancing shoes on, as “So Dope” is just that: dope.

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