The Hitmen release impeccable hands up remix of Avicii’s ‘Without You’

The Hitmen never disappointment.

The Hitmen have been one of my favorite hands up production duos for years. I was originally introduced to the genre when Cascada released their Everytime We Touch album back in 2006. It then escalated to Empyre One and The Hitmen. The Hitmen’s productions have a signature sound that is instantly recognizable in the hands up genre, and fans go crazy when a lick of their sound is heard in any hands up piece. While it’s most popular in Europe, hands up is starting to catch on a bit in the United States with similar genres like happy hardcore for artists like Darren Styles and Gammer.

The Hitmen is a German duo that consists of Michael Bein and Ronny Bibow. Previously, Bein and Bibow announced the breakup of The Hitmen. However, it seems as they they’re still going strong. They’ve released remixes for artists like Cascada, Atmozfears, Alan Walker, and now Avicii‘s “Without You” from his 2017 AVĪCI (01) EP. The remix sits right around the 140 BPM range and, like other hands up music, is engineered and produced specifically for the club. The German hands up duo recently also released a remix of Dance Nation’s “Sunshine.” It’s always a good day when fans are graced with a remix from the genre’s pioneers.

Both Bein and Bibow have worked on projects of their own outside of The Hitmen. Bein is also known as Money-G; Bibow is Ron:Ron:Beat Project.

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