Avicii’s album sales increase 12,000% following death

Avicii's music sales are soaring.

Avicii Tim Bergling
PC: Billboard

Avicii’s passing shocks the entire world

The unexpected passing of Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, on Friday, April 20 shocked the entire world. While it’s still unclear as to what exactly was the cause of his death, many have speculated health issues, suicide, and drugs. Back in 2016, he quit touring to focus on his health, as a few years earlier he had his gallbladder and appendix removed.

Avicii’s music sales are soaring

Since his passing, the sales for his music increased 6,000% in the United States. Nielsen Music reports that there were 25,000 downloads of his songs the day of his passing. The sales for his 2013 album True grew 12,000%, with “Wake Me Up” selling 8,000 copies.

As the news continues to shock the dance music community, the outpouring love, support, and disbelief of the DJ and producer’s passing continues to flow.


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