Audien Arty

Audien and Arty are absolute masterminds when it comes to electronic music. Their production skills and innate ability to flawlessly utilize emotive melodies, synths, and effects are unmatched. Now they’ve come together for a charging release on Anjunabeats called “Never Letting Go.”

While “Never Letting Go” is short, it’s most definitely sweet. The two producers have heightened the electronic genre through the vivacious synths within this track. “It finally happened,” states Arty. “It took us three years, a lot of turned down ideas, and a lot of sleepless nights, but we made it happen! Nate is an incredibly talented person, a great friend, and a great soul. It’s amazing to see how he has evolved as a producer since his remix of my track ‘Come Home.’ Throughout the years we have shared the same passion about the music we make, like, and play in our sets. That’s what we aimed to express in ‘Never Letting Go.’ It’s emotional, hopeful, and uplifting. I really hope our fans will feel the same way because this song is made for them.”

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