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Audeka grind pistons with ‘Engine Block’ EP

Audeka grind pistons with ‘Engine Block’ EP
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Deep, dark bass music has certainly grown exponentially in the past year. While it’s slowly become saturated, it’s also becoming more diverse. Artists like Audeka take the word “diverse” and redefine it entirely.

They’re most recent EP, Engine Block, which came out on February 2, 2018 on MethLab Recordings, is an experimental dubstep, electronic, and bass music phenomena. This seven-track EP is loaded with glitchy effects, bass, impeccable percussion, and unforgiving anticipation.

Engine Block begins with “Ignition Coil,” a mellow, soft track that slowly starts the engine. “Intake Manifold” and “Direct Injection” get things going with glitchy percussion, effects, and bass that baffles the mind. “Intake Manifold” is a sound that Audeka fans will recognize. As the pistons heat up and the engine hits its higher RPMs, Engine Block heads into drum and bass for “Direct Injection.”

“Torque Limit” allows for things to slow down and get cooled off for a bit while still maintaining an energy that just won’t let up. “Compression Ratio” floors it and heads back into drum and bass, bringing the momentum with it. Finishing off the EP is “Combustion Chamber,” which focuses much heavier on pitched percussion and a halftime rhythm.

The last track on the EP, “Dark Energy,” is a collaboration between Audeka and Rawtekk. This track was released back in December of 2017.

The hellish sounding “Dark Energy” track couldn’t be more perfectly titled. The intensity that ensues throughout this track’s entirety is unfathomable. In collaboration with Rawtekk, Audeka have most certainly created an energy that seems much darker and powerful than it really is. “Dark Energy” is a nine-and-a-half minute tune that is sonically adventurous from start to finish. Put on some headphones, close your eyes, sit back, and let the madness drive you away into the sunset.

Audeka is an American electronic trio that consists of Max Cepeda, Marty Cepeda, and Skyler Gerdeman. Their diversity in sound allows them to paint a solid, unique, and unconventional picture with every piece of audio they unleash. This creative approach renders Audeka to express themselves through music, which renders words merely useless when describing their sound.

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