ATRIP Bend It Night Mode Insomniac Music Group

ATRIP unleashed a slew of high energy tracks in 2019. And now they’re back for the first release of 2020, “Bend It.” The track has been released on Night Mode, a new label formed under Insomniac Music Group by Twitch streamer Tucker (Jericho) Boner and Daniel Goudie.

A glitching distorted vocal loop that repeats, “Bend it over and twerk” opens “Bend It.” ATRIP quickly builds it up and unleashes with a sinister fast-paced rhythm. The tightly socked-in kick complements the bottomless bass flawlessly, and the cringey mid- and high-synths carry the listener through the track. “Bend It” effortlessly launches into bass house stardom with its myriad of dance floor ready elements.

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