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Artists in Ireland are going to receive a “basic income” as part of a new program.

Titled Basic Income to the Arts Project, the fund will provide relief to art programs and artists around the country since the pandemic slammed the industry and caused numerous creatives to lose their main source of income.

The basic wage is€10.50 per hour, and venues may receive a grant of €10,000 per night to host shows.

Catherine Martin, the Irish Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports, and Media, is spearheading this initiative. Martin is pointing to other countries in Europe, such as Germany, as examples to explain why Ireland is behind on their nightlife.

“We could be looking at music, we could be looking at poetry slam nights, local theatre groups, traditional music, classic music, and of course, electronic music,” states Martin. “If we look at how far behind we are, look at Berlin, where culture thrives at all hours, why does the city’s heartbeat have to end at midnight or one in the morning?”

In addition to providing basic income, the program will put in place protocols that provide safer party environments like windowed closing times, increased late night transportation, and an appointment of the first online safety commissioner.


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