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Get your New Years Eve party going with Apple Music’s exclusive DJ mixes.

With 2022 just around the corner, Apple Music has released 24 exclusive DJ mixes from artists like ILLENIUM, Charli XCX, Alison Wonderland, and more for New Years Eve.

“In this set, I mix up a lot of amazing songs that really heavily influenced my upcoming album ‘Crash,'” Charli XCX states about her mix. “Songs from Janet, Prince, Cameo, Mariah Carey – just songs that have a retro sort of rhythmic feel to them. Songs with incredible snare drums often and songs that make you want to dance.”

The mixture of playlists contain a wide variety of genres for every kind of mood and setting for New Years Eve. Whether you’re staying home or spending time with friends and family, there’s a playlist to complement that party.

Anz, a Manchester-based artist, will be dropping a high energy electro and classic garage tracks in her mix.

“This mix is a really small selection of some of my favorite tracks from this year,” Anz says about her mix. “Lots of UK garage, lots of electro, breakbeat, hardcore, just various bits and bobs to get you in the mood for a big one. We have music from the likes of UNIIQU3, Jubilee, and a few of the tracks I’ve released this year too.”

Check out the exclusive Apple Music playlist here.


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