Apple Music Web Application
Photo credit: 9to5mac

Apple has launched a beta version of its Apple Music subscription service via the web. This web application allows for subscribers to use the service without having to use iTunes or install the application. The beta is available here.

While this beta version is missing a few features, including the Beats 1 live radio, smart playlists, and original music video content, it does include a handful of other features that are found within the desktop application. Users are also able to enjoy the personalized For You playlists. Additionally, users still have access to Apple Music’s entire catalog of music. Prospective new users will also be able to signup to Apple Music through the web application, but that feature is not available in this beta.

As streaming competition continues to heat up between Apple and its Swedish competitor Spotify, which snagged an astounding 100 million paying subscribers earlier this year, Apple Music’s web application is a strong push to make its high quality streaming service accessible to all users. Apple has been notorious for luring consumers into their ecosystem and making it difficult to spread out. This web application is Apple’s fight for streaming, as this eliminates the need for a separate application for various operating systems, including Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux. Spotify has offered a web player for years, eliminating users to have to download an application to use its services.


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