Alan Walker, K-391, Julie Bergan, SeungRi join together for fiery single and music video ‘Ignite’

'Ignite' was originally produced by K-391. Now it gets a vocal melody in addition to the synth melody with a cunning music video.

‘Ignite’ to Alan Walker, K-391, Julie Bergan, and SeungRi’s collaboration and music video.

Norwegian “Faded” producer, Alan Walker, teamed up with K-391, Julie Bergan, and SeungRi for a remarkable collaboration on “Ignite.” The track was originally released by K-391, but now it gets a vocal melody in addition to the infectious synth melody.

Alan Walker has been on a roll this year. He recently released a remix of Noah Cyrus’ “Again,” which featured XXXTentacion. Additionally, his sound can be heard on Kygo’s Kids In Love remix package.

The music video portrays three young people who’re stuck in what seems like an endless downward spiral. Bullies continually pick on them and haunt their daily lives. Bosses remain on their tails about them not working hard or fast enough. And the one who works with waste management just despises his work. Nonetheless, they each find a set of headphones. When worn, they take them to a destination that relieves them of their struggles. This ultimately helps them find their true happiness.

The artists shared an emotional prologue a week before the track’s release.

A week prior to the release of “Ignite,” K-391, Alan Walker, SeungRi, and Julie Bergan released a prologue. It showcases the disgruntled and disturbing home life.

As a thank you for the support over the years, K-391 is allowing others to use it in their creative projects. “[I’m] looking forward to seeing all your videos, remixes, and covers,” states the producer.

K-391 is known and recognizable for his impeccable productions like “Summertime,” “Earth,” and “Electro House.” Focusing heavily on an unprecedented low-end in each track, his productions also encompass a memorable synth melody.

Julie Bergan is a Norwegian singer-songwriter. She was a featured on Cir.Cuz’s “Supernova” before branching out as a solo act in 2014. Additionally, she was a participant in the Melodi Grand Prix 2013, which is the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She currently has a record deal with Warner Music Group.

Alan Walker is a Norwegian DJ and record producer. Walker has ranked 17th on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list of 2017, up 38 spots from 2016. In his younger years, he showcased an interest in computers that he then molded into programming and graphic design. He didn’t have any prior experience with music but taught himself digital music production by watching tutorials on YouTube.

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