Aero Chord

After his jaw-dropping “ANTHEM” and “TECHNIQUE” releases, Aero Chord revs up his engine for the third release called “Lambo” ahead of his forthcoming album, Grind.

Aero Chord certainly knows how to play with listeners’ bass music heart strings. He uses a slew of pitched vocal effects, bottomless percussion, and a spiteful bass that will spin you on your head. This is a heavily experimental trap track, and the multitude of effects Aero Chord uses secure that. Aero Chord has certainly set a speed for what he’s doing, and there’s no way he’s going to be slowing down any time soon.

The producer’s forthcoming album Grind marks his first on his new label Aero Records. He’s previously seen massive success on independent electronic label heavyweights like Monstercat, High Intensity Records, and Trap and Bass.

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