AC Slater

One of the current kings of bass house music, AC Slater, has teamed up with Champion for yet another ruthless track called “Diamonds.” This highly pressurized track is from UKF’s fourth Bass Culture project.

The collaboration comes shortly after AC Slater’s Undefeated Champions EP, which saw a release on his very own Night Bass Records. Additionally, AC Slater collaborated with artists like Wax Motif, Redlight, and Chris Lorenzo on the aforementioned Undefeated Champions.

“Diamonds” is a rock solid track that highlights the bass house guru’s myriad of talents and stylings. The four-on-the-floor groove pairs flawlessly with the metallic synths and energetic vocal phrases. The bass pumps extraordinarily underneath the heavyweight kick drum. Both Champion and Slater keep the track interesting by sprinkling in fast moving sonic effects, swirls, and high pitched sweeps.

Grab your pick axe and start mining because you’re sure to find a diamond within this infectious bass house heater from the two heavyweights.

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