3LAU is transforming the music festival landscape with OMF

Late last year, Justin Blau, better known by his stage name 3LAU, released an in-depth beginners’ guide to the ever-growing cryptocurrency industry. In an effort to change the landscape for music and the industry, the former finance student is blending his musical interests and knowledge of finance into one for a brand new festival. This cryptocurrency-based festival is called Our Music Festival.

This new festival type is the first of its kind. It will be powered by blockchain technology like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. While this concept is somewhat hard to comprehend, it’s certainly something that could innovate the next industry trend.

A few months ago, he released his Star Crossed album, and shortly after he dropped an impressive drum and bass version of the lead single, “Star Crossed.”

This isn’t an easy feat, and 3LAU is teaming up with other creative companies to pull this off

While 3LAU is the mastermind behind this innovative festival, companies like SingularDTV and Prime Social Group have jumped on board with him to maximize the festival’s potential. With the collaboration between 3LAU, SingularDTV, and Prime Social Group, a new cryptocurrency, dubbed OMF Coin, is being created.

Furthermore, the first event will take place on October 20, 2018 in San Francisco, California. Our Music Festival will feature Zedd as the headliner. More information about OMF will come at later dates.


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