32Stitches Hoober Astronomia Tony Igy Lowly Palace

32Stitches and Hoober have linked up for a revitalized cover of Tony Igy‘s “Astronomia.” The track is now available on Lowly Palace.

Angelic bells and an ethereal atmosphere begin 32Stitches and Hoober’s take on “Astronomia.” It quickly builds in to a heavy slamming trap piece with fast-paced trap hi-hats. The two producers have effortlessly cracked the code with their wondrous sound design, specifically for the deep bass. The sharply contrasting sections within this cover further spotlight 32Stitches and Hoober’s cunning production techniques.

32Stitches is a young producer who’s quickly establishing himself as one the electronic music scene should keep an eye on. Having dominated the charts on Beatport and iTunes in numerous countries, he’s already proven himself worthy of attention.

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